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May 24, 2006


Carlo Santayana

So, what's the kayak resting on while it's upside-down? I'd imagine it would be a bit easier (and more effective) if you could adjust the distance between the kayak and the floor, lie down on a creeper, and put on a face mask while applying coats of varnish on the deck... hey, Michaelangelo did the Sistine's ceiling in a similar supine position, didn't he?


Hi Carlo!

I have it on a piece of 2x4 clamped vertically onto a sawhorse, one through the cockpit and one through the front opening. It's pretty simple. Some people will string theirs up by the ends or with ropes that attach inside the cockpit somewhere. The creeper is a good idea. Even just some padding might help. I have some big canvas drop cloths I could put under there but they collect a lot of dust. I could use my Thermarest pad too, but I don't want to get any varnish on it.

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