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July 09, 2006



Yeah the opposite arm rolls are pretty fun to practice with. I originally learned opposite arm rolls on my own when I was dialing in my hand rolls for whitewater. The layback versions are actually pretty easy but the forward finishing opposite hand rolls are a lot tougher and it's definitely not something I can do consistantly. I'd love to see Dubside do a forward finishing opposite arm fist roll! :)


"Forward finishing opposite hand rolls" -- whoa, dude! I think Tom and Dubside should contact you about being on their next Greenland Rolling video, under the "Rolls Only Alex Can Do" chapter. ;-)


Lol, not likely. I'm pretty positive that Dubside can do that forward finishing opposite hand rolls much better than I can.

The only rolls that I can do that I'm fairly sure Dubside can't do are my playboating rolls/tricks. Those include my dry head playboating backdeck roll, my kickflip (cartwheel into a backdeck roll), and my flatwater loop (forward summersault). :)

I still have a few rolls left to learn and have to get stronger on my offside in general. I guess once Qajaq Training Camp gets closer, I'll spend more time working on rolls. Right now it's mostly playboating so I'm lucky to even retain the rolls that I have so far!

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