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July 29, 2007



I personally found Corey's website to be the most helpful when it came to getting info on shrinking and dyeing the skin for my SoF, and also for applying the sealant. The instructions on his website were much more precise than the books I had been referring to. Thanks for the peek behind the scenes!


I haven't been down there to check him out yet. I have hopes of making a Greenland SOF with his school next year. Your comment about how he doesn't like the Greenland boats as much worries me just a bit. Do you still recommend his school for the Greenland SOF?


I would ask him about it, Rodger. I bet more of his students are interested in building Greenland boats compared to a few years ago. He says they are easier to build than baidarkas. Another possible alternative is Brian Schulz who holds more building workshops with Greenland kayaks, and has an impressive understanding of how their design influences performance.


Andrew, I celebrate that he is so well stocked with goop!
I wrote him for a small vial to repair a rip in my baidarka and a couple of float bags, and I have not an answer.
Could you lend me a helping hand?


That's typical customer service for al these kayak builders, Wenley. I'll give them a call for you and do my best!

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