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October 08, 2007



I enjoyed the the interview, Andrew. Thanks for recording and posting it.
As a sidenote, the James Caird, a 22-foot whaleboat in which Shackleton with five companions crossed 870 miles of Antarctic winter waters and then crossed the unexplored glaciers and peaks of South Georgia, in order to summon help to the crew of the Hms Endurance, marooned on Elephant Island, was only in temporary display at National Maritime Museum in Cornwall.
Its permanent place is at the Old Library at Shackleton's alma mater, Dulwich College, where the boat is in the memorial to the Alleynians killed in the Boer War.


Great stuff Andrew! There's some classic Derek Hutchinson lines in there for better or for worse. Matt Broze cracked me up and I think I'd like hanging out with that guy.


Thanks guys. There was an interesting exchange between these two personalities that I left out, where Derek asked Matt when he was going to get a shave, and Matt confronted Derek about his damaging criticisms of Matt's kayaks, and also why he was telling everyone his self-rescue wouldn't work. It was hard to tell if they were just joking with each other or being serious.


Then Andrew, I beg you to release it.
Oooh, please, please.

Andrew Elizaga

Sorry, Wenley. It's just not the same on camera. You really had to have been there.


I'm sorry I missed the SKS, but glad that you recorded this interview. I'm currently reading Derek's book, which will now seem more personal and real with a clearer picture of what he sounds and speaks like. Thanks!


Very interesting interview. He seems to have some pretty sharp opinions.


Hi Andrew; Cool interview and thanks for posting it. During BCU Week down here in OR in August, I did a Coach 2 training, and I specifically asked Shawna and Leon if there was such a thing as a "Senior" BCU Coach. They said no way! I have mixed feelings about DH . On one hand, he's done alot for the sport and at times seems amiable, and I like his books; on the other, he can be pompous and opinionated. Incidentally, his Tooksook paddle weighs a ton.

Rerto Jordans

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