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February 27, 2008


barry pickett

Boater_Barry here.
Would the secret be land based mobility?
Good on you if it is!
If not?
What are you waiting for.
I am an above knee amputtee paddler who is a solid class five boater. I have paddled freestle for five years now (ten solid months a year on the ottawa, Gaulley, black, the New, the moose, lachine repid on the St Lawrence, and many others not mentioned). I have started creeking about a year and a half ago with success as well. Apart from all the extreme paddling I enjoy flat water triping and am starting a program up here in Ottawa Canada, which is dedicated to people with disabilities. I am also an Alpine skier competing at a national level with my first ever Nor-Am (north american comp) coming up on March 04 2008 (next week) at Kiberley ski resort in B.C. I will then go to our Nationals at Sun Peeks on 14, 15, 16, 17, of march. These locations are fairly close to you and I think we should meet or at least talk.
I will be checking my mail while traveling and hope to hear from you.
I do n ot think you will be disapointed.
Barry Pickett.


I gotta say I'm excited to see what Monkcraft has in store. I love the idea of the SoF kits and hope to build one someday. I've also admired Lodro's personal boat - that's cool that you got to paddle it. I'll be building a new SoF this spring, and I think I'll be using elastic bungees, but don't tell anyone.

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