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June 22, 2008


Jan Egil Kristiansen

Does this make sense? Doesn't the structural strength in a SOF come from the entire skin compressing the entire frame?

Maybe it still makes sense in terms of light weight? Is this something anyone would risk shipping on a plane?

Andrew Elizaga

Lodro designed the joints so that there are metal supports running diagonally from the chines to the gunwales on each side of each of the bulkheads. This keeps the frame fairly rigid and prevents it from twisting. When I saw him demonstrate an unskinned mock-up of the joint he was able to stand on it without the frame flexing.

Dick lives in a condo and doesn't really have the space to store a 17 ft kayak. He also owns a custom three-piece Pygmy Arctic Tern 14:


Storage was his main concern and I don't think he put much thought into traveling with it on a plane. This kayak weighs more than it would as a one piece because of the additional hardware and bulkheads.

Boat repair

This small boat is amazing. One can carry it around on one's shoulder, does not seem to be so heavy. It’s simply the best.

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