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November 10, 2008


Bill Samson

Nice to see that scale double-bladed paddle with the Y-K model.

Is there a single paddle too? Love to see a pic if you've got one.

Andrew Elizaga

Yes, on the other side of the Yukon-Kuskokwim Delta type there are a couple single bladed paddles and a harpoon and something else strapped to the deck. I didn't get a pic of it though.


The qayaq on the left has the distinctive Yup'ik (Kuskokwim region) opening in the bow. It also has an atlatl (throwing stick) and what looks like the lower half of a harpoon.

I'm no expert but there may be enough detail on the model to pinpoint its Village of origin.

Andrew Elizaga

That is a fantastic website. Thanks for posting it!


Wow! Found this site by accident. I have only been in a kayak once and just learning, but awesome information and photographs.

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