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March 30, 2009



Were you in Friday Harbor early enough to see Popeye the seal?


Damn, I totally forgot about looking for Popeye the seal!

Doug Smith

Andrew, having had the Epic for a while now, how would you compare it to the Moonlight Dancer in terms of day to day paddling?



Hi Doug,

Good question. The larger cockpit and seat on the Epic is more comfortable when I'm paddling all day. The rudder makes it easier to track with a strong cross wind. The Epic is also much lighter (36 pounds) and easier to carry to the beach. I haven't yet compared the two as far as cruising speed goes though. I suspect that Moonlight Dancer may be just as fast because of its smaller wetted surface area. A Shooting Star could easily be built with a lighter lay-up and larger cockpit of course.

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