Adam Bolonsky

thanks for making these available. That book is a good buy, I think, with all its documentation of related craft like umiaks and canoes.

And greetings from the East Coast!


Can you point me to a littl more info on this boat? If you have built it, do you have pictures on this site? I can't seem to find them! I'm pretty excited about this deisgn.




You can find pictures of the completed kayak under the photo album titled "The Jewel" as well as my building notes under the "Skin on frame kayak building" category on the sidebar. It also appears scattered throughout my blog in other random posts.

thomas armstrong

RE: Adams comment above. What book?

And greetings from the East Coast as well.




I think he is referring to Adney and Chapelle's "Bark Canoes and Skin Boats of North America."


I have start to do a model of the "chapelle". (60cm)
It's a nice kayak.
When it will be finish I try to do a real one for my son

Jim prendergast

Thank you for posting the Greenland Kayak Plans. I used to have the book and in fact I've built three of these delightful craft but can I find a drawing? Hah. I want to build a portable knock down so the drawings are necessary to figure out the joints. Thanks
Jim Prendergast

bath mate

This is really nice blog.wonderful work!!!!


Very Nice posting. I liked your work. Keep up the good work. Good Luck.

Sherrie Swain

Where can I find a place to reskin my kayak?

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