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In this blog I chronicle my personal journey through the process of learning sea kayaking and kayak building in the Pacific Northwest. I've been fortunate to get to know and kayak with some really amazing people along the way!

I first started sea kayaking in 2003 after I bought a used Pygmy Osprey which the original builder was selling at the now defunct Port Townsend West Coast Sea Kayak Symposium. I instantly fell in love with wooden kayaks and since then have built a few of my own, including four Greenland skin-on-frame kayaks and a cedar strip Aleut-style baidarka. I consider myself a Greenland-style enthusiast but also believe that proficiency with modern paddles is important for one become an overall better sea kayaker.

I also have interests in whitewater kayaking, small boat sailing (In 2008 I built a 13 ft wooden sailing skiff), stand-up paddle boards, and local environmental issues. I also enjoy travel, photography and filmmaking. My partner Katya Palladina and I have made a number of award-winning documentary films that have been screened at film festivals. Please check out our website at

This blog has been online and updated continuously since 2005. For the most part, all of the content is original. I strive to keep the perspective personal, presenting a slice of my life exploring and paddling in the Puget Sound area. Thanks for checking in!

Andrew Elizaga
Tacoma, WA