Cedar Strip Kayak Building: A Diamond in the Rough
Commencement Bay, and Whales!

Corey Freedman's Skin-On-Frame Baidarka at the 2005 West Coast Sea Kayak Symposium

A skin-on-frame baidarka at the West Coast Sea Kayak Symposium. Photo Copyright ©2005 Andrew Elizaga

Here is a pic of Corey Freedman's skin-on-frame baidarka on display at the 2005 Port Townsend West Coast Sea Kayak Symposium.  It's on a scale hanging under a bamboo tripod. That's Corey in the back with the orange shorts and blue hat.

Skin on frame baidarka at the West Coast Sea Kayak Symposium. Photo Copyright ©2005 Andrew Elizaga

Early in the day the scale read 18 lbs, but it must have started to stretch and later on it read somewhere between 23-24 lbs.  Still pretty light!

Building the cedar strip Shooting Star baidarka. Photo Copyright ©2005 Andrew Elizaga

Now for mine: I went over the hull with a scraper and scraped down the high spots and got rid of all the areas of dried glue.  I shaped the bow piece a little bit with a crooked knife.  Next I need to fill in some holes with wood slivers and wood filler.  That's a good place to stop before I leave for Japan, because the next step is sanding, which is going to make a real mess.

Note the insulation I put on the garage door.


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