Cedar Strip Kayak Building: Two steps forward, one step back.
Cedar Strip Kayak Building: It's The Real Thing

Cedar Strip Kayak Building: Moon Face -- Moving Forward

Building the cedar strip Shooting Star baidarka. Photo Copyright ©2006 Andrew Elizaga

I cut the pieces of the moon face out of veneer again and stuck them on a piece of tracing paper with spray adhesive. They fit together very tightly. Then I brushed some Titebond II yellow carpenter's glue onto the deck and pushed the veneer firmly in place. I held it down with several pieces of clear packing tape and when I ran out of that started putting down several pieces of duct tape, rubbing it firmly so it was completely flat. Then something I didn't anticipate happened: the pieces of beech started wrinkling and pushing the tape up.  I could feel the wrinkles under the tape, and I kept trying to push them back down, but it wasn't working. I let the glue dry about an hour. When I came back I carefully lifted some of the tape off to reveal all the wrinkles. The glue was dry but the beech pieces had awful wrinkles along the edges.  That's what I get for trying to make this up as I go along! I should have used contact cement! I threw my hands up in despair, left to get coffee at Starbucks and along the way got called in to work. So after a few hours at work I came home, armed with some needles and syringes I was going to use to inject more glue under the wrinkles. I also referred to the veener work in the building instructions. Apparently Rob Macks also uses yellow capenter's glue for veneer work, so I wasn't really all that wrong. He uses an iron to flatten the veneer so that was another idea I could use. When I finally got back to the workshop though all the wrinkles were gone and a few cracks had formed. I guess the beech has very poor dimensional stability and expands and shrinks severely with changes in moisture.  Good enough!  I spent the rest of the evening inlaying some of the moon face shapes on the main part of the onlay.

Building the cedar strip Shooting Star baidarka. Photo Copyright ©2006 Andrew Elizaga



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