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Masikkut Aalatsineq!

I got masikkut aalatsineq (sculling roll with paddle held horizontally on the foredeck)! I've been working on this one for a few weeks. Isn't it wonderful how that happens, how suddenly it seems to come together, and how we can still learn new things? I wanted to try this roll because it's a slow controlled roll that doesn't require a low foredeck, low backdeck, or a flat bottom, so I can't blame not getting this roll on my kayak! I'm sure my form needs a lot of work, but I'm pretty sure I got the basics down:  I lean forward, holding the paddle in the regular paddling position, and place my left hand about 8 inches outboard from the gunwale, lock my knees under the masik and capsize to the left. It takes at least 4 sweeps to come up.  The first sweep goes back on the right side while leaning forward (similar to a storm roll) and pushing down with the left hand. The second (forward) sweep is critical to keep from rolling back under, and requires you to cock your right wrist back for a strong forward scull. The left hand also helps to control the paddle angle. Then repeat the back/forward sequence again and come up!  It can be done with no hip snap, although it helps to add little hip snaps incrementally with each sweep. Good form requires that the paddle maintain contact with the foredeck. I've tried it both holding the paddle far in front of me and closer right up against my waist and on the cockpit coaming. Holding the paddle closer helps keep it under control and on the deck. Using six sweeps would make it a slower roll and probably would help improve my form. Key points for me were leaning far forward, holding the paddle close, pushing the left ("inboard") hand down against the gunwale/deck, and a strong forward scull (backward sculls come naturally). Now I need to take some video of this one to see how bad it looks.





congradulations on the new roll!

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