Deception Pass Whirlpools

Off To Baja!


Spent the whole day running around getting gear together for my Sea of Cortez Expedition Skills Course through Wilderness Kayak Institute. Had to replace two leaky drybags and a hydration system, a knife (got a shorter one that should make it through the airport), and dug out my old snorkeling gear. I learned that compression dry bags help a lot -- don't bother buying dry bags that don't compress!

This trip seems to come at the right time, after weeks of dealing with upheaval at my job (not made any better by me planning to leave). As you can tell my cedar strip kayak has been on hold for a number of days (means I've been busy). Hopefully, during this next week in the desert I'll have the chance to focus, get my priorities straight, and decide what I really want. It'll be good to have to worry only about food, shelter, sleep, and my forward stroke.

The route takes us around the islands of Parque Nacional Bahia Loreto. I chose this trip though Tofino (Wilderness Kayak Institute) because it was skills oriented and I'd get to paddle my own kayak. In a lot of those guided tours on the Sea of Cortez you get stuck in a double and a support boat powers on ahead of the group so when you get to camp it's already set up with big tents, chairs, coolers full of ice cold beer and a barbeque grill. Sounds kind of fun but I'd be embarrassed to say I went on one of those trips!

So one week without posts, but I should have plenty of new pics and stories when I return!




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