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Cedar Strip Kayak Building: Hatch Repairs


So three weeks after the official launch on Moonlight Dancer I'm still working on my kayak!  After all, if I were completely done what would I have to blog about, especially on those days when I'm busy at work and get home with just with enough time to check my email and put in five minutes of epoxy work before going to bed?

My repair of the leaky back hatch consists of two things: adjusting the bungees so that they apply more downward pressure on the hatch and putting gaskets on the hatch lip as well as the hatch cover.  The problem with putting gaskets on both the hatch lip and cover is that the hatch will no longer sit flush with the deck.  To get the hatch to sit flush I routed out a groove (about 1/16 in deep, probably less) where the gaskets will fit in both the cover and the lip.  And how did I accomplish this?  Using the Dremel tool I got for Father's Day!  I first heard about the Dremel from Derrick's blog, when he got one to cut out the seat in his Anas Acuta.  My first thought was, "What is the big deal about the Dremel?"  Well, now I know!  It cuts and carves wood and metal like a dream.  I think I'm going to get plenty of use out of this tool.  I can't wait to try it out on the pieces of caribou antler I got at SSTIKS!



Carlo Santayana

You'll have fun with that tool! I use it for so many things around my house and garage. My first one was battery-powered. It kept running out of juice mid-cut so I exchanged it that same afternoon for an AC powered one.



Talk about irony! Here's this guy who's just incredibly talented learning about a tool from someone totally inept. . :)) Very Funny!!

Really beautiful boat by the way!

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