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Cedar Strip Kayak Building: Flush Deck Fittings


I talked with Tom Sharp today. Dubside’s long awaited Greenland Rolling Instructional Video Volume 1 is now shipping. We spoke briefly about the discussion triggered by Brian Schulz’s provocative post on the Qajaq USA forum the other day. It seems Qajaq USA is experiencing growing pains. Some members are unhappy with what they perceive is a trend toward commercialism and self-promotion among the few most talented international stars. Dubside is not bothered by these concerns. He cares little about what people might say regarding his motives and dismisses their accusations of self-aggrandizement as so much hypocrisy. He knows that he acts with integrity.  Both he and Tom, a deeply spiritual man who has been adopted by the Hopi Indians, have nothing but  the utmost respect for the Greenland culture and kayak tradition. Dubside laughs at the suggestion that he is not in creative control, that he is not man enough to say “No” to that which he disagrees. He is in control. Nothing he has done is accidental. 



I read that long post too, Andrew. I can only explain it as frictions in a close group. Otherwise, I would be none the wiser.
From the outside, I can see no problems in releasing a well made Dvd on Greenland rolls.


Yeah the whole discussion was pretty silly. I can't wait to see Dubside's video. I'm gonna go order one now... thanks for the heads up!


Yep, gonna put in my order now as well. .


I already diid iit!!


Dubs site didn't offend me. Even though he is well known for his minimalist life style and devotion to the Greenland kayaking scene, his equipment is top of the line and quite expensive and this is besides the cost of traveling internationally. If he is not promoting or selling something, I'd like to know how he pays for things. I got my DVD today also :)

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