Drysuit Repair

Breast Plates

BreastplateFloorboardsI'm working on the "breast plates" now.  I don't know why they are called that, but they are the pieces of wood that help join the gunwales to the stems.  Which part of the kayak is the "breast" anyway?  This part takes quite a bit of carving time, because they have to fit tightly on the gunwales and the stems, and maintain a fair line from the gunwales to the ends.  I can't say that I got it perfect, but I kept my promise not to use any sandpaper.  I rubbed it vigorously with a fine rasp though, because it's too tempting to give it that "finished" look. 

Also I installed some floorboards.  I'm losing track of my building times because I forget to write them down.  I'm somewhere around 45 hours.


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