Gig Harbor Heritage Row

Completed Frame -- and Plastic Wrap Test

Frame2Frame3ComparisonHere it is -- the completed frame!  These pictures are a little distorted because they are composits made up of two or three pics stitched together.  The third one is a comparison with the Chapelle line drawing.  It looks like the sheer is a bit more pronounced on my version.  I just followed what the wood wanted to do.   But like I said, the pictures are probably distorted.  Notice the minimalist construction: just enough deck beams and absence of a ajaaq seeqqortarfik ("knee brace").
PlasticwrapOnce the frame is completed it is common to do the "Saran Wrap Test", which involves wrapping the frame in plastic wrap and paddling it to see if you need to make any major changes.  I actually think the plastic wrap test is of limited usefulness.  I have never made any changes after my plastic wrap tests.  I figured that today I would do it anyway because I already spent the $6 on plastic and duct tape. 

When you do a plastic wrap test just be sure you don't use actual Saran Wrap or any other grocery store plastic wrap.  Plasticwraptest2That stuff is useless.  I used it on the Necromancer frame and it sank immediately.  Today I used a 20 x 10 ft sheet of 1 mil plastic painters "drop cloth" from the local big box hardware store.  I tightened it up like I would a regular skin and duct taped it along the gunwale, then cut a hole for the cockpit.  The plastic is very fragile so it is very important not to set it on the ground.  Also be sure to bring a knife so you can cut the skin off when it gets totally flooded.

Even though it was one sheet of plastic I still took on plenty of water after a few minutes, probably from the open cockpit.  What did I learn?  It is very comfortable.  Easy to get into, very maneuverable but (surprise!) tracks well.  I had hoped to have some video but Joel got scared by a dog and ran away with the video camera. 


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