Building Notes: Deck


BowBackdeckI'm 19 hours into the build. That includes 3 hours today completing the deck and carving the bow stem piece.  I used oak for the back deck stringers (1/4 in x 2 in) so that they would be less likely to crack if someone big wanted to try getting into the kayak.  When installing the stem I placed a square amidships to mark the center, so when I looked down the hull I would be able to tell if the stem was crooked.  Funny thing was I had a lot of trouble getting the stem "straight" according to the measurements.  It turned out that what I marked as the center was an inch off.  When I lashed the stem tightly in place it straightened out by itself.  Today's lesson: Trust your eyes.  They are more sensitive than rulers.  If it looks right, it probably is. 

ShopAnother time-saver tip: Don't waste time cleaning shop!


ah g!

No, the last thing you should do each night is vacuum and tidy up. It's a good habit!


Is that what they teach you over at the Center for Wooden Boats? Hey, don't get in my way when I'm inspired!

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