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The Postmodern Sea Kayaker

245I just wanted to post this picture, graciously sent to me from the folks at the Gig Harbor Peninsula Historical Society and Museum.  Please send them a donation of your choosing.  But I also want to say that in the wake of the recent Qajaq USA thread about BCU Gordon Brown's inflammatory statement that "there is no place in modern sea kayaking" for those "lollipopstick" Greenland paddles, I am left questioning where I fit.  You wonder if those Brits would try to purchase the rights to the very term "Sea Kayak" if they could.  Their paddling expertise is matched only by their arrogance!  Fine.  We can just call ourselves postmodern sea kayakers (credit to Ben Fuller who proposed the term), paddlers who merge modern materials with traditional design, reconciling the past with the present.   It is a very entertaining thread, by the way, with Gordon Brown himself responding. 



While we're modernizing, let's get rid of those tiresome old sails, too. Silly things.


Yeah! Now that I think about it, why am I wasting my time making little wooden boats and trying to learn how to sail? I should just buy a Jet SkiĀ®!


Hi, Andrew. As you know, Gordon has been fond of traditional style since long.
He seemed to me the kindest person. I bet he has an explanation that will not hurt anyone. As I understood from the interview he regards Greenlanders as the best of all, but he considered traditional paddles inferior. Not the skills.
Bear in mind that this man, paddles for sport, in up to force 10/11 Beaufort gales. Oil tankers don't.
I remember him saying that Greg Stamer was very, very good and that Magiliaq is probably the best kayaker.
You would enjoy meeting him.


Certainly, Wenley, Mr. Brown is the master. In those conditions, only the best designed equipment will do. In public I express indignation but privately I'll be reading his book.

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