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The Two Part Elbow Roll

Elbowroll_1I really believe video is a great way to examine and evaluate your rolling ability.  If nothing else you'll find out quickly if you have any unsightly mannerisms like slouching, picking your nose, or spitting in the water.  After all, rolling is not kayaking (to repeat that phrase I've so often heard) -- it's actually performance art, so you gotta look good!  Isn't that the whole point?

I thought I'd share this video clip of my rudimentary elbow roll (oops, I mean, ikusaannarmik pukusuk patillugu). I do it in two parts. Can you balance brace with your hand on the back of your head? Well, then you are halfway there! I roll to a balance brace, then slither onto the back deck. What I need to work on is less slithering and more hipsnap for that second half. 


Ignacio Wenley Palacios

Good tip, Andrew. I am going to mull about it...


Another thing that really helps, Wenley, is to move forward and deep into the cockpit as far as possible. This involves hooking your feet under the footrest in a skin-on-frame kayak. I think it significantly lowers your center of gravity and makes it much easier for the layback rolls.

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