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Cross Deck Bow Jam

The Big Rib

FinishedframeNails1In skin-on-frame kayaks these pieces are called "ribs" but in other boats they are known as "frames".  I finished the laminated midship frame today.  It's amazing how many steps it takes to get this far: construction of a form according to a pattern, milling the strips, coating the strips with epoxy, bending and clamping the strips around the form, cutting the frame according to the pattern and then planing smooth.  Good thing there is only one frame in this boat. 

HNails2ere is a classic trick to transfer lines from a drawing to wood.  The first trick is to place the pattern over the wood and punch through the lines with an awl (described a couple times previously).  The other trick is to lay common nails with their heads along the lines, hammer them into the pattern, then carefully lay the wood over the pattern and hammer the wood against the nail heads.  The heads will make an impression of the pattern onto the wood and will even stick in the wood. Then you just connect the dots and cut along the lines.  I use a jigsaw. The blade of the jigsaw tends to wander sideways to I have to leave a little extra when I cut, and then carve down to the lines with a plane.  Yesterday my friend Ricardo said that they have some really good power tools at the Bates boat building program I could use if I wanted to take some of my work there.  They have a table saw that  is accurate to 1/64 th of an inch.  The problem is my work is here and not there.

Todays lesson is that a really motivated boat builder with simple hand tools can do in only a few hours what someone with good power tools will take several minutes to accomplish.


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