A Few More Pieces

Pacific Horizons Trailer with Dubside

It seems like there are new sea kayaking clips being published on Google and YouTube every day.  Have you been keeping up?  I found this this morning -- a trailer for the movie Pacific Horizons: Paddling the Northwest Coast, a film by Bryan Smith/Reel Water Productions which features Dubside.  It has some excellent shots of Dubside training in the pond at Corey Freedman's Skin Boat School in Anacortes. It includes a brief shot of the behind the neck sculling roll, and Tom Sharp reveals that Dubside is 48 years old (last year?)  It has always been an inspiration to me, and a relief to know that I have quite a few years left to practice to get that good!



You find all the cool stuff, Andrew. I get the Bud Lite ads!

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