Squaxin Island Circumnavigation
Pacific Horizons Trailer with Dubside


PlywoodpanelsStrongbackcenterLasercenterFormsplumbFormsWell, the Pooduck Skiff coming along gradually.  I cut out all the plywood panels and now it' starting to look a little like a kit with all the pieces waiting to be assembled. 

I think building the strongback is one of those unsatisfying steps in boatbuilding because you end up spending a lot of time and effort putting together a big structure that is not actually part of the boat.  Making sure that everything is plumb, level and square can be very frustrating but is critical.  It starts with selecting straight wood, then measuring everything precisely and drawing a centerline.  This time I used an inexpensive laser level in addition to a couple spirit levels.  The laser made it easy to draw a straight line without snapping a chalk line. Once the strongback is level I fixed it to the plywood floor with drywall screws.  It shouldn't be easily knocked out of shape just by bumping into it.  After the strongback was completed I attached the station forms. 

My sails arrived today -- a dacron mainsail and jib in "egyptian cream".  Woo hoo!


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