Planking: Now the Fun Begins!
Learn to Sail in a Weekend

Looks like a boat!

The sun came out today and it felt like spring.  Getting in my car to drive home from work I had to turn the air conditioner on (briefly)!  I coundn't resist getting out to play in the water for just a little while.  People are returning to the beach. 

Midstrake2Midstrake1Midstrake3Just a few building notes today.  After installing the middle strake, I've finally gotten to the "looks like a boat" stage.  Planking is actually pretty easy.  I'm impressed now how well all the pieces fit together.   I cut the panels a little oversized, to take into account small variations in building the strongback, but it really wasn't necessary.  If I had cut them exactly according to the plans, everything would have fit together perfectly.  The last panel (the sheer strake) will be even easier to install, so it's all downhill from here (I vaguely remember saying that before sometime last year).  The best thing so far about this build: not having to work with fiberglass!

I'm looking forward to rolling her over and working on the interior, which is more like building furniture. 

The dark screw heads are the drywall screws that are use to temporarily clamp the laps together while the epoxy cures.  After 24 hours, while the epoxy is still a little soft, I'll remove the screws and scrape away any excess epoxy.



excellent work on details, that´s the reward for patience. A brazillian boatbuilder wrote a book about and he said something like this: "those who think to be a man you need to have a kid, plant a tree and write a book....have no idea about building a boat"


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