Circumnavigation: Maury Island
Roll Over!

Filling the holes and the outer stem

Mask2_2Mask1_2Remember the "outer stem" I had laminated out of yellow cedar and carved to fit the full size pattern quite a while ago?  Well, after the boat was planked I installed it using thickened epoxy and silicon bronze screws, counterbored and bunged with pieces of hardwood dowel.  Since I had some thickened epoxy mixed up, it was also a good time to fill in all the holes left by the drywall screws that had temporarily clamped the planks together and held the planks against the forms.  The spaces between the laps also needed to be filled with thickened epoxy.  To keep the epoxy mess (and the subsequent sanding) to a minimum, I masked everything off with blue painter's tape.  One trick I learned was to mask around the screw holes with a roll of tape that had holes drilled through it. 

Woodflour1_3Woodflour2_3Outerstem2_2It really took a lot of thickened epoxy to fill between the laps.  In the middle of the day I ran out of the "wood flour" (the fine sanding dust that was the by product of my previous projects) that I was using to thicken the epoxy.  So I dropped everything and ran to my local Boater's World to get some more wood flour.  They charged me $9 for a container of MAS brand wood flour!   Oh well.  Of course, after the epoxy had cured and I started sanding I ended up making more flour than I would ever need.   I felt like I was making money!

Just a little bit more sanding to go then she'll be ready to "roll over"!


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