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Found on YouTube: Glimpses of Greenland

GreenlandI've probably skipped over this short video dozens of times while browsing on YouTube and finally today took a few minutes time to watch it.  I've recently discovered that browsing through all those junk videos trying to find the rare gems becomes much more tolerable if I turn the video sound off and play my own soundtrack on iTunes (typically my favorite internet radio station, Secret Agent on SOMA FM). 

In this video, Irish currach-builder Pádraig Ó Duinnín travels to Greenland to kayak with the Inuit.  After I got to the traditional kayaking scene I had to rewind and listen to it with the sound on. To my surprise, most of the time he wasn't even speaking English, so I really didn't miss anything the first time around.  It has some good shots of modern whale and seal hunting, a meat market in Nuuk, traditional kayaking and rolling among icebergs.  Pádraig Ó Duinnín even dons on a neoprene tuilik and tries innaqatsineq (side sculling) while his coach stands by to spot him.  Classic!


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