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Burrowsisland5Burrowsisland1Burrowsisland3Burrowsisland6Burrowsisland4Burrowsisland2I invited my friend Ricardo to join me this past few days for a trip to the San Juans.  We were prepared to paddle across Rosario Strait to my favorite little resort on Orcas Island, but the wind picked up and the forecast called for thunderstorms so I thought it would be better to take the ferry.  After arriving in Anacortes I suggested we take a short paddle from Washington Park to the Burrows Island Light Station while waiting for the ferry.  It would break up what would otherwise be several hours in transit and let us take advantage of what remained of a beautiful, warm sunny day.

This is kayaking country!  While we were unloading our boats on the beach a large group of kayakers arrived from the water.  Here's a little tip if you travel with a wooden kayak: expect to spend plenty of time fielding questions from strangers about your boat.

There are usually tidal rips just south of Fidalgo Head in Burrows Passage.  Strong currents aren’t just isolated to Deception Pass:  they are everywhere around here.  Depending on the direction and strength of the wind, you can find some interesting water to play in.

Usually I’ll see plenty of wildlife on the rocky shores off of Fidalgo Head.  Seals, of course, and eagles.  The last time I was there I silently followed a family of five sea otters swimming around until they finally ran onto shore -- there is always something new.  Ricardo was a little disappointed not to see anything until we spotted a pair of homo sapiens buck naked and mating on the exposed ledge of a cliff.  They must not have heard us as we floated silently on the flood current.  Since I understand that members of this species can be easily startled, and also are typically modest in their mating habits, I blew my whistle to warn them we were coming.  They didn’t seem to care and just kept at it: apparently they were coming too.  [Sorry, no pics!]



I had a great laugh reading this post. I was at Burrows island last Sunday. We spent Saturday night on Strawberry Island. The Orcas were out and I was pretty excited to see them. Sounds like you saw some much more interesting wildlife though.


Hey we were there this past Sunday too -- we could have just missed each other. You saw Orcas? Luckeee!

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