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Progress on the Pooduck

Interior1Interior3Interior4Interior2Cb1Just a few pics  to show off the progress on the interior of my Joel White Pooduck Skiff.  The multipanel bow and stern seats are finished (western red cedar), as are the mast partner and middle thwart (Douglas fir). The seats are a little more complicated than in the original plans, primarily for aesthetic reasons, but also to make them easy to remove  when it comes time to repaint and revarnish.

Note that the centerboard trunk is off center.  The centerboard slides down on the starboard side of the keel, which will be attached with the boat upside down again once the interior is completed.

I had to get out just about every clamp I owned to glue in the spacers for the inwales. 

And I learned a new skill: lead casting.  The centerboard is made of meranti marine plywood and the plans call for a lead weight in the board to keep it down.  I routed out a deep pocket in the board and screwed on a piece of plywood with a 1 inch diameter hole in the middle to make the top of the mold.  I found some coils of lead at the fishing supply department of my local big box sporting goods store and melted them down in an old can on a hot plate.  Lead melts very easily (at 621.5 deg F).  I then poured it into the mold.  Easy!

When it had cooled I unscrewed the top of the mold.  See how the wood is scorched?  I planed the surface of the weight smooth and glued the weight in with thickened epoxy.  The whole centerboard is then sheathed in fiberglass and epoxy, then painted.



ah g!


chris callahan

I am thinking of building a Pooduck. How do you like it? How does it sail?



I love my Pooduck! She's easy to cart to the beach with two people and sails very comfortably. Not as convenient as a sea kayak and you don't get any exercise on the water but still lots of fun on a summer day. Hopefully I'll get a chance to take her out camping someday.

chris callahan

Thanks Andrew.
I have pretty much narrowed my choice down to a Shellback or a Pooduck. I am concerned that because the Pooduck's centerboard trunk blocks the entire section that there is no leg room for a sailing passenger/jib handler. The Shellback daggerboard trunk allows the crew leg room. How does your Pooduck handle passangers?


Hi Chris,

I usually sail alone. The times I have had a passenger we reclined on the floor athwartships in the cockpit, or sat on the middle bench with one person on either side of the centerboard trunk.

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