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August 30, 2007



Coming along nicely! I was just wondering how your Pooduck (I love that name) was going, having gotten some sailing in over Labor Day Weekend. The sailing co-chairs Holly & Jim were in their sweet new boat Cricket. Jim's a cabinetmaker. If I ever need my kitchen redone I want to hire him just from looking at this boat.

Of course just from looking at this boat, I also suspect that I can't afford him.

Ah well.

Anyways, I took a lot of pictures & plan to be doing a let-us-now-admire-this-lovely-handmade-craft post before too long.

Can't wait to see yours all finished.

Unfortunately pipe dream of coming out to Seattle to observe Shawna & Leon stayed pipe dream. Not enough vacation time. I really should get myself out there someday though, got some college friends in the Northwest who I'd love to visit.

Andrew Elizaga

Oh yes... wasn't that a couple pics of that little sailboat on your post? Very nice paint job, I was thinking. It's a relief to know that Jim is a cabinetmaker -- I won't feel like I am expected to meet those high construction standards!

Well, Bonnie, if you ever make it to the Pacific Northwest and happen to be in the neighborhood, look me up. If the Pooduck is done, maybe we can take her out and you can teach me a thing or two!

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