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Pacific Horizons Premieres at SRK

Bryan Smith showed his film Pacific Horizons last night at Seattle Raft and Kayak. The house was packed!  I showed up just in time to grab a free beer and the last few pieces of pizza, courtesy of Canoe and Kayak Magazine.  It was so full that most of the audience had to stand.  People brought along their non-paddling friends and dogs, who lapped up the spilled beer on the floor (the dogs I mean).

KelpIn Bryan’s words, this film was meant to get people “stoked on sea kayaking”.  Then people really got excited when he started giving away door prizes - a number of t-shirts and Yakima rack accessories from the sponsors.  Lots of free stuff! 

Pacific Horizons is an excellent film. Seeing some segments for the second time (I saw a shorter version at the West Coast Sea Kayak Symposium) just proved that to me.  It definitely encapsulates the whole Pacific Northwest sea kayaking experience, showcasing our scenic beauty and dynamic waters for the world.  But why is everyone in the film wearing a Body Boat Blade hat?  ;-)

SRK has been doing an excellent job building a community of paddlers with events such as this.  Another example is the Deception Pass Dash tomorrow morning.  Last year they had 40 racers but this year over 100 people have signed up.  The weather forecast calls for a high of 40 degrees, NE wind 10 to 15 kt becoming SE late.  Snow changing to rain.  So I wonder how many people will actually show up tomorrow.  Time to double up on fleece - it could be nasty!


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