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Pics from Bates Boatbuilding

Ricardo sends these inspirational pics from the Bates Boatbuilding program:

"Some of us build authentic replicas of 100 year old skiffs (Dan Mason). And some of us build models of what we're going to row next summer (Alex Bakhtin). And some of us build tables (me, remaining photo). I'm hoping the table will float.

Speramus fluitet (motto of Bates boatbuilding dep't.: We hope it floats)"

At the bottom is a pics of Ricardo next to his skiff, a replica of Howard Chapelle's Farmer's Daughter, which he brought into the shop for a fresh coat of paint.

Well, I guess it's time to clean out the workshop and start painting my own skiff again.  I had some repairs done on the basement so I ended up using the workshop as storage space and actually piling all my kayaking and camping gear in the boat.  It can sure hold a lot of stuff!





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