Wood, Paint, Bronze
Lodro Dawa and Super Secret Kayak Project X

Thwarts/Centerboard Trunk

TwartsandtrunkTrunkcloseupI installed the centerboard trunk last night.  It involved squeezing a generous bead of 3M 5200 adhesive on the bottom of the trunk logs and pounding it into the slot, then screwing it in from the bottom.  It's desireable to get a good "squeeze-out" of 3M 5200 from the bottom of the logs.  I've been told that 3M 5200 gives you a permanent but flexible and waterproof bond -- perfect for centerboard trunks which tend to be a common source of leaks in wooden boats.  It will take at least a week to cure and is impossible to remove. 

The thwarts (midship thwart and mast partner) were also screwed into place to help keep the trunk in position.  The thwarts and seats will be held in place only with screws so that they can be removed easily if they need another coat of varnish, or if the interior of the boat needs a fresh coat of paint.

The centerboard has actually not been installed inside the trunk, and the trunk cap has not been fixed to the trunk yet (it's on just for show). 

The last pic shows the floorboards for the cockpit.  They are 3/8th inch thick western red cedar boards that will be secured to cross pieces made out of wood I salvaged from an old patio umbrella (some kind of tropical hardwood).  They will be pegged and glued together with epoxy, then cut to fit the cockpit floor, sanded and coated with an oil finish.




Well, what a coincidence - I was just about to leave a comment asking after the Pooduck's Progress.

I love that name. Pooduck, pooduck, pooduck. F

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