Do You Know Your Lights?
Thwarts/Centerboard Trunk



I really envy your woodworking skills. What a beautiful boat!


Fine craftsmanship and an eye for detail really make your Pooduck a nice looking boat. The seat choices are really cool!

Your blog may have inspired me to begin building a Pooduck and I hope that mine comes out as well as yours seems to be.

I've got all of my frames cut, the laminations complete and the plywood is ready to be glued up. I can't wait to get the jig together and begin planking.

Thanks for keeping your site up to date, I really am enjoying the pictures of your progress.


Andrew Elizaga

Thanks guys -- your encouraging words keep me going!

Good luck on your boat, Mike. The hull comes together pretty quickly. In retrospect I think that was the fun part. The finishing details are a little more tedious.

Bill Samson

Gorgeous job! Too nice, really, to throw in the sea. Can't you put on a plate glass deck and use it as a dining-room table instead?


Noooooooo! Pooduck does not want to be furniture!

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