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Fb2_2Fb1Here are some pics of the stern seat and floorboards on my Joel White Pooduck Skiff, finally sanded and oiled.  The floorboards are western red cedar and very soft, so over a short amount of time I'm sure they'll get pretty worn and weathered.  One thing is for sure -- they won't ever look as good as they do now.  Now that the interior is basically finished, I'm ready to turn her over to install the keel and paint the hull, as soon as I do a few modifications on the "strongback" to hold the boat upside down.



Mike Corcoran

Thanks again for those rudder plans. My rudder turned out pretty well for this skiff. Kind of a highbred. You can see it at my web page below.


Beautiful boat! Nice rudder too.

Frank Gehry


A truly lovely little skiff. I whish you lots of pelasant sailing on it!

BR Frank Gehry

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