Exquisite Corpse


RampTurtleBoatbuilding manuals suggest using a block and tackle system or the help of a bunch of friends to turn boats over, especially when they start getting heavy.  But with a little planning I was able to turn my Joel White Pooduck Skiff over single-handedly, and without a block and tackle system, for painting the hull. 

First I made a little ramp with a couple 2x4s screwed onto the end of the strongback and padded with old bath rugs.  Then I just slid the boat down from the strongback onto a carpet on the driveway.  I disassembled the ramp, and also modified the strongback so that the weight of the upside down boat would be supported with 2x4 crosspieces. 

Before rolling the boat over I protected the edges with foam pipe insulation, and attached some old kayak wheels onto the stern seat with duct tape (I knew I’d find a use for those wheels someday!)  Then I turned the boat over, making sure all contact points on the ground were padded or covered with carpet.  Once the boat was upside down all I had to do was roll it up to the modified strongback and slide it onto the 2x4 crosspieces.  She's pretty heavy, but not a lot of strength or grunting was involved.

Now the boat is back to looking like a turtle.  And since all my finish work has been on the inside (except for the rubstrips), it looks as if I haven’t touched it since I first turned it over several months ago. 


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