Pooduck Skiff: Progress Notes and Varnishing Tips
Super Secret Kayak Project X Revealed at SSTIKS 2008!

Pooduck Skiff: Down to Brass Tacks


Just a progress note on my Joel White Pooduck Skiff: I lined the mast partner hole with leather, secured with tacks and Pumbler's Goop. Note the brass half-oval rub strips positioned to protect the seat edge from abrasion from the halyards.


I installed the trunk cap using silicon bronze screws and 3M 5200 adhesive. The cap has a couple cleats on it: one for the the jib sheet and one for the centerboard pennant. The plans called for wooden jam cleats but I've gotten too lazy this far into the game to carve them myself, so I just bought a couple small brass ones.  I put a little monkey's fist on the end of the pennant to give it more of a nautical flare.


I also installed two larger cleats on the sides of the centerboard trunk for the jib and mainsail halyards.


The swing-down part of the rudder got a couple coats of red paint. 


The gudgeons were installed on the transom, with screws and more 3M 5200 (I like that stuff!)


The oarlocks were fixed in place with screws and epoxy. By the way did you know that "oarlock" is pronounced "rowlock"? Thanks to Richard Lovering for pointing that out to me. It's probably another one of those silly British nautical things.  When the epoxy has cured she will be ready to row!


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