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May 26, 2008



I'd heard those were dangerous, but I was only thinking head injuries to people you might run over. Water forced into body cavities.... yikes! They need to put a little warning diagram on there. What would be the best way to depict that?



Actually it's funny what you said about these things losing popularity with the price of gas increasing - having taken no lights, I was finishing off my weekly 10 miles with a couple of laps in the Paerdegat Basin, and as I was paddling past all these big ol' motorboats I started thinking that Sebago should do up some flyers -

"Sick of refueling costs? Come check out the Sebago Canoe Club!"

and late one night we could sneak along the basin leaving a flyer in every stinkpot!


Only thing is, they're already adapting - Sunday night, I noticed a number of boaters hanging out having a beer on their boats as usual - except that the boats were still tied to the dock.

That's one way to cut the bills!

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