Launching "Annabel Lee", a Joel White Pooduck Skiff
Dubside's Film "Modern Greenland Kayaking": A Look Inside the Cult of Greenland Style

Messing About on Annabel Lee


It turned out to be a beautiful afternoon for sailing so I put my Joel White Pooduck Skiff Annabel Lee in the water. Unfortunately, I didn't get any pics of her under sail from land but I did make a little video. Check it out -- I'm really moving. I think I was making 4.6 knots! (The music is Heave Away Me Johnnys from an album called The Wind in the Rigging.)


Sailing Annabel Lee from Baby Seal Films on Vimeo.

Do you remember the first few times you ever went sea kayaking on your own?  I vividly remember taking my kayak out on sunny days and practicing rolling, back when I would wet exit more than roll.  Well, it felt a little like that today. Things I learned:
  • A drysuit is very helpful, especially for getting in and out of the boat on the beach. 
  • Rig the boat completely before getting out on the water.
  • A purple toy bucket can serve as a bailer and double as a head! 
  • A lee shore is not the best place to put in and take out, unless you want to get crushed by your boat or get your teeth smashed out. 
  • Lastly, remember to charge your VHF radio and test it before shoving off. 

I turned on my GPS a while after I had launched and drifted west of Dash Point. There was a nice breeze from the north so I had a good run south toward Browns Point (yellow path), then I turned around and headed back, beating to windward (blue path). As you can see, she doesn't sail too close to the wind, so going upwind can be a real slog.




Love the pirate flag. You were really moving along. Looks like a blast!

Bill Samson

I'd say that was very respectably close to the wind for a small boat with a lugsail!

ah g!

gosh, i almost felt the wind...very cool!

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