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Tall Ships, Small Ships

Aboard the Hawaiian Chieftain: Tall Ships Tacoma 2008 from Baby Seal Films on Vimeo.

Tall Ships-15

Tall Ships-12

Well, it has been an exciting 4th of July weekend.  The Tall Ships Festival came to town and everyone who has a boat of any kind has been out watching them on Commencement Bay.  My friend Richard Lovering, who happens to live on a boat literally in the middle of the festival, says he’s finally had enough of listening to people singing sea shanties while dressed up like pirates with stuffed parrots on their shoulders and saying "Arrr" all the time.  I guess the festival gets loud and stays loud long into the night. You know how the yachting crowd is -- they’ll use any excuse to get drunk and Tall Ships is just one big party.

Today I joined the South Sound Area Kayakers for a paddle from Owen Beach at Point Defiance to the festival on Thea Foss Waterway.  Dozens of little boats had crowded the waterway and the air was toxic from all their gasoline and diesel fumes.  Of course, when paddling right behind one of these boats you are at the perfect height to breathe in their exhaust.

Out on the Bay I got a few pics of the Hawaiian Chieftain giving the Amazing Grace a broadside.  Damn those guns are loud!  For more pics take a look at my photo album.

Tall Ships-23

Tall Ships-10

Tall Ships-25



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