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Set a Course for Adventure and Raise the Muslin!


Another great day for sailing. I'm really getting a hang of it now: the practicalities of preparing Annabel Lee for launching from the beach, where to sit on the boat (straddling the middle thwart), and how to change position when tacking (turn to face the stern while ducking under the boom).  


The wind died when I reached Dumas Bay. I just bobbed along enjoying the scenery with my feet up. 


I rowed for a while until the wind picked up again. I can do about 3 knots rowing. I think I need to add a seat cushion. The wind picked up again and here is the boat on a run. When I got back home I just let her run right up onto the beach and I stepped off the bow onto the sand. Smooth!

I like how everything fits neatly inside: sails, spars, and oars, all rinsed off and ready for the next trip out.