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December 06, 2008


David H. Johnston

What is the story with that? Did you hear why it is closing?

David J.

Andrew Elizaga

I understood that the operation was losing a couple hundred dollars a month and had never turned a profit.

Tom Sharp

Actually it is the Liability concerns for donig a work of love that could be used to go out and experiment tooo soon and someone dies. Also our strong association with Qajaq USA is another vulnerability that I have no control over. Especially what some powerful member may "suggest" ie...........

Like a recent "toxic" thread there, that began with a highly respected member/builder/instructor/blogger when he (Brian Schulz/ Cape Falcon Kayaks)....wrote....." I need to get the girls a bomb proof roll....what I really need is to "CREAT A EXERCISE THAT INDUCES PANIC" "

I complained and was told "this is free speech" I was insulted and I was forced to go "Viral" on the thread until it was removed.......I am closing the online store and halting Dist.

Talk to QUSA or among your selves
Sincerely and quite regrettably
Tom Sharp

Dominique Sellier

Tom, this is disingenuous. Brian himself admitted his wrong choice of words, and explained at length what he meant - more like trying to find a way to "simulate stress" under your own control to learn how to control it.

As for "going viral" to have the thread removed, well, … I hope Qajaq USA will re-post that thread, as a matter of principle and minus all the “viruses” - after all there were many good points there when one took the time to read.

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