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BREAKING NEWS: Tom Sharp Speaks


This YouTube video is just in from Tom himself.  While standing on a picnic table in front of 150 kayakers, at the Deception Pass Dash, he denounces Qajaq USA, declares the demise of, then proceeds to hand out all the remaining inventory of DVDs for free.  People snatch them up like zombies scavenging a corpse.
This was a particularly poignant moment for me. I was also there when Tom began shooting video of Dubside on the ropes for Qajaasaarneq, and shot the video I used for This is Warren.  It started and ended at Bowman Bay.  
I think there are very few people who have done more to popularize Greenland Style kayaking in recent years than Tom and Dubside have with the publication of their three videos Qajaasaarneq, Greenland Rolling with Dubside, and Modern Greenland Kayaking.  It is very unfortunate that kayakers in the future will probably no longer have access to these videos, except maybe as rare bootleg copies.  


mark w

It is unfortunate, especially the denunciation of the very group of people who have been so supportive of his venture. I was looking forward to a high ropes video from Tom and Dubside. I have all of the others.


Tom Sharp

Mark I agree and add that no one since John Heath has supported and promoted QUSA more than me. Cindy Cole(the founder of Delmarva) stepped away quietly, that's not my way or solution. Tom

Jeff Fabiszewski

Tom has a great love for our sport. And I have enjoyed being a student of Dubside’s. He has helped me be a better ACA instructor. It is unfortunate that this has occurred to Tom and Dubside.

Tom stressed one key idea that has made lawyers rich. People need to accept responsibility for their own actions when participating in all sports when following all of the safety measures illustrated by instructors / coaches. Will Justine Curgenven or Les Stroud of Survivor Man have to follow in fear of someone trying to do what they have documented?

I think if Tom can find a pro bono lawyer who also shares his love of qajaq rolling, they can properly document the risks for the public good. Safety minded instructors, coaches, and guides always explain the risks of their activity and have their students sign a waver. Maybe Tom could do a virtual waver. Or they could work to expand the ACA Traditional Skills Endorsement course. It could boost sales and would roll over the waves of Qajaq USA.

I hope Tom and Dubside continue to work to popularize our qajaq knowledge. Without them people could become hurt due to misinformation and poorly trained paddlers.


I have had the opportunity three different times to learn from Tom and Dubside and they have helped me tremendously. Tom's teaching style meshes very well with me and I really hope to continue seeing him teaching in the future. Perhaps a little time away from the heat of the forums and the negativity all around will help.


I was surprised to hear Tom disbanding this pursuit and think that his response was an over the top, knee-jerk reaction to comments that differed from his own.

Quite frankly, the reasons he cited for not producing video's any longer have always been in place and the reason why a video producer has a liability waiver on the packaging, which at this time his video's do not.

Keep in mind these liabilities have not stopped USK, Performance Video's, Jon Bowermasters' Ocean's series, etc.. from being produced. They've just gone one step further and protected themselves (as much as one can from a lawsuit).

Tom, don't give up the pursuit. Your doing a good job. However. take the time to run your final product product past your attorney prior to going to distribution.

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