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July 04, 2009



What an amazing trip. The scenery is just unreal! What was the water temperature like?


The water temp was cool, I'm guessing in the mid 60s.


A really exotic place to paddle for me as a swedish kayaker. I want to go there!

Ignacio-Wenley Palacios

Hi Andrew,

The light mist in some of the photos ¿is it the Peruvian Garua fog?




I don't know, Wenley. This fog was pretty thick at times, so it wasn't invisible like Garuda I think is supposed to be. One day it was so thick it felt like it was raining, in a place where people assured me it hadn't rained in 100 years. The ground in the desert was damp from it, but still nothing grows!

Hugo M

Nice pics, I want to take my kayak to Peru, any ideas or sugestions? thanks

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