Aleut Style With Jim Mitchell
South Sound Traditional Inuit Kayak Symposium 2010

"Electric Paddle"

2010-05-22 14.26.19

Richard tried out the "Electric Paddle" at the Clean Green Boating Festival on Tacoma's Thea Foss Waterway a couple weeks ago. The Electric Paddle is actually a very compact electric outboard motor designed for small boats and kayaks. I have thought about getting a small electric outboard for my Pooduck Skiff, and am attracted to the small size of the Electric Paddle (14 lbs including battery pack). It's even small enough to attach to the back deck of a skin-on-frame kayak! The battery will last 1 3/4 hours at high speed, about 3.5 mph, maybe up to 4.1 mph for a kayak.  $985 for the complete system.

2010-05-22 14.29.35




Oh man, talk about a clash of tradition and innovation. At least put it on a composite boat :)

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