It's Summer Again, in November
Interviews from Greenland Week: Setsuko's Very Cool Kayak

Interviews from Kayak Academy's Greenland Week 2010

Dash Point Pirate TV arrived at Kayak Academy's Greenland Week 2010 Competition with cameras rolling! I was juggling shooting video with jumping in and out of my kayak to actually compete in the events!

This was the first attempt by Kayak Academy at putting on an event like this (actually, the first formal Greenland-style competition ever held in North America), and it was impressively well-organized. The events started on schedule and, as far as I know, the organizers didn't run into any major hiccups.

One of Dubside's goals was to design the events (ropes gymnastics, race, harpoon throwing, rolling) to be very spectator-friendly. One of the ways they did this was with real-time scoring: competitor's scores were displayed during the event on monitors. I thought this worked especially well during the rolling competition. Two evenly-matched competitors would roll simultaneously, and suspense would build as the crowd waited to see who would come out ahead as the clock ticked down.

I think some of our best video came from simply talking to a few of the competitors, coaches/judges or personalities who just showed up to watch. In our first interview, Duane Strosaker talks about being attacked by a great white shark in his kayak! In the second, Richard Lovering chats with Helen Wilson about rolling. I'm currently editing a series of these interviews that I'll post here.


Great White Shark vs Kayak- Interview with Duane Strosaker from Baby Seal Films on Vimeo.


Helen Wilson at Greenland Week 2010 from Baby Seal Films on Vimeo.



Hi Andrew!
Happy Birthday - best wishes from the Netherlands. I enjoyed your video-clips today!

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