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"NO LNG": A Christmas Carol

NO LNG: A Christmas Carol from Baby Seal Films on Vimeo.

Holidays are the time to reflect on the past and look to the future. Today, the people of Tacoma continue to clean the remnants of its distant industrial beginning while wishing for clean, safe, and sustainable world to come. This holiday season I would like to share a special Christmas carol sung by my good friend Ricardo at the "No Fracked Gas in the Port of Tacoma" rally held in on the steps of the Puget Sound Energy offices in Tacoma, December 22, 2016. If you are at all concerned about climate change, the environmental destruction caused by fracking, the risk of fires and explosions from natural gas pipelines, or industrial pollution in Tacoma, I hope you will share this and spread the word about PSE's proposed LNG plant.

Ricardo wrote the "NO LNG" Christmas carol just minutes before the rally. Only parts of the song appear in the video but I have included all of the lyrics below.

No LNG, no LNG
On Christmas eve this is our plea
We have a town
That your plant pollutes
For profits obscene to white guys in suits
And so, tonight, with efforts choral
We'd like to sing of your efforts immoral

No LNG, no LNG
It's always Tacoma that pays the fee
You've told us that
You need to peak shave
And have holy intentions
Our planet to save
But instead rate payers all will be swindled
For your Cuban cigars with Ben Franklins kindled

No LNG, no LNG
The gas you'll frack as general factota
Kills the folks in Flint and South Dakota
To permit your mess, you've made great haste
So we'll live in a toilet of chemical waste

No LNG, no LNG
And one day soon, there'll be a great blast
Which you cannot outrun no matter how fast
And the undocumenteds on the flats
Will be burned like the Jews and die like rats

No LNG, no LNG For Christ's sake leave Despised PSE