THE DUBCAST WITH DUBSIDE: Special Guest Greg Stamer
THE DUBCAST WITH DUBSIDE: Special Guest Wayne Horodowich

THE DUBCAST WITH DUBSIDE: EPISODE #9: Greenland Paddles for Everyone!


Dubcast 9 CD

Iisaavaraq Petrussen - Tarnima Teqeqqui Ornillugit



Dubside discusses Greenland paddles, from hand-carved wood to factory produced carbon fiber, and contemplates the intangible rewards of coaching.


Walrus Pull (Qajaq Japan)

The Greenland Paddle Forward Stroke

SSTIKS: South Sound Traditional Inuit Kayaking Symposium

Beale Paddles (Don Beale)

Kajakkspesialisten Norwegian Wood Paddles (Anders Thygesen)

Lettmann Black Light paddle (Sarah Wagner)

Gram Kayak

Gearlab Outdoors

Tuktu Paddles (Chris Raab)

Superior Kayaks Carbon Fiber Greenland Paddle (Nash Boatworks)

Iisaavaraq Petrussen - Tarnima Teqeqqui Ornillugit (My Inner Voyage)


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Greenland Rolling with Dubside (2006)

Modern Greenland Kayaking, a film by Dubside (2008)

Check out the University of Sea Kayaking for more Greenland rolling instructional videos by Dubside and Greenland National Kayaking Champion Maligiaq Padilla.


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