THE DUBCAST WITH DUBSIDE: EPISODE #19: Paddling Under the Radar
THE DUBCAST WITH DUBSIDE: EPISODE #21: Life at the Skinboat School

THE DUBCAST WITH DUBSIDE: DUBCAST #20: The Narwhal Tusk Polar Bear Head Necklace

Dcast 20 CD cover

The Golden Age of Sea Kayaking, introducing Jens Peter Kielsen, the head of Qajaq Qaqortoq; the story of the narwhal tusk polar bear head necklace; the music of Saqqaarsik.


West Coast Sea Kayak Symposium Greenland Rolling Demo 2005

West Coast Sea Kayak Symposium Greenland Rolling Demo 2007

Sterling Donalson introduces Dubside's Ice Kap

“Sea Kayaking on the Decline and Canoeing Bounces” by Bryan Hansel


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Greenland Rolling with Dubside (2006)

Modern Greenland Kayaking (2008)


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