THE DUBCAST WITH DUBSIDE: Special Guest Harvey Golden


Author, kayak historian and traditional kayak builder Harvey Golden has extensively documented the existing museum specimens of arctic kayaks in two massive books: KAYAKS OF GREENLAND and KAYAKS OF ALASKA.  He has been heavily involved in Qajaq USA and was one of the first foreigners to compete in the Greenland National Kayaking Championships in 2000. His legendary collection of kayak replicas are on display at the Lincoln Street Kayak Museum in Portland, Oregon.


Traditional Kayaks: Replica Kayaks and Paddles

THE DUBCAST WITH DUBSIDE: Special Guest Warren Williamson



Known for his expertise in navigating the challenging waters of Deception Pass and Skoocumchuck rapids, traditional paddler and kayak builder/designer Warren Williamson found his passion for sea kayaking in the Pacific Northwest and embarked on a remarkable journey of building kayaks, from the traditional skin-on-frame Greenland qajaqs and Aleut baidarkas, to  innovative designs in plywood stitch-and-glue and cedar strip. Warren’s expertise and passion shine through in this insightful conversation.


Warren Williamson, Designer

Northwest School of Wooden Boatbuilding

“Grace Under Pressure” - Learning the Kayak Roll

Superior Kayaks

Anas Acuta, The Original Valley Sea Kayak

Corey Freedman’s Skin Boat School


Reg Lake talks about filming Warren Williamson at Deception Pass and Skoocumchuck Narrows.

THE DUBCAST WITH DUBSIDE: Special Guest Alison Sigethy


Alison Sig photo


Dubside sits down with the extraordinary and multi-talented Greenland style kayaker and artist Alison Sigethy. Alison shares her enthralling tales of competing in the Greenland National Kayaking Championships, carving a path through the Canadian wilderness on an epic 12-week sea kayaking expedition, performing Greenland rolls to music in "kayak dressage," and creating art with glass.



Tina Torpedo and the Factory Flippers

Fantastical Glass by Alison Sigethy